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There are several ways to increase security. We rekey locks in Cumberland when there are key issues. And these would involve suspecting that someone other than the authorized key holders of your property having hold of your key. If your suspicions are verified, someone would break in. In order to avoid such trouble, ask our help here at Locksmith Cumberland. We offer quick rekeying services and cover emergency requests 24/7.Rekey Locks Cumberland

When do you need lock rekey? When…

  • You plan to move to a new office or house
  • Your co-tenant has moved to a different apartment
  • An employee at your business is dismissed
  • An area at your company must be restricted from access
  • Your key is stolen
  • Your key is lost

Call us to rekey locks today

If your key is just damaged or broken, we simply fixing the situation by offering key replacement and extraction service. But what if the key is stolen? Can you be sure that no one would ever use it to walk into your property? When it comes to such key issues, we rekey the lock and can provide emergency service in Cumberland, Ontario, too.

Do you want to restrict some employees from having access to certain areas in your office building? If they already have the keys of such areas, you can just call us to rekey the locks or create a master key system. This system is an excellent security solution for such large office and apartment buildings, where you want to control access but also invest in high security systems.

We are experts in lock rekeying and key change

With the locks rekeyed, the pins of their mechanism change. And so key change is required too. We simply make a new key and cut it to match the new configuration of the lock. You can rest assured that our pros rekey locks expertly and are equipped to change the pins and cut the key perfectly.

Our specialists always do the job accurately and test the key to the lock before leaving. We are at your disposal to rekey locks in Cumberland or give ideas about the ideal master key lock system for your property. Send us a message or call us.

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