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Call us the minute you notice it’s time for even a minor push bar door repair in Cumberland, Ontario. All emergency exits at commercial, office, and public buildings have crash bars for one reason and one reason only. To ensure the quick evacuation of the people found inside in the event of an emergency, like a fire or earthquake, while safeguarding the property at the same time.

That’s why these mechanisms are called crash bars. The door opens just by forcing your body against the bar. That’s also why they are called panic bars. They allow people to open the door right away in a situation of panic. Naturally, any problem must be fixed at once. And Locksmith Cumberland is at your service.

Emergency push bar door repair in Cumberland

Push Bar Door Repair CumberlandContact us for the push bar door repair Cumberland service and be sure that a well-equipped locksmith will show up shortly after. We always hurry to provide assistance when there’s a problem with the panic bar or when the door doesn’t open. Problems may happen for various reasons. The mechanism of the crash bar may be loose. If you have a separate deadbolt installed, it may be locked from the inside and that’s not a good thing. And then, the push bar door may not open due to debris overaccumulation. Or due to the improper installation of the device. Call us.

Quick solutions to panic bar door problems

All panic bar door repair services are provided quickly. You tell us where and when and a locksmith will be there on time and fully equipped to define the roots of the problem and offer solutions. The response is always quick when it comes to such urgent situations. With the proper equipment in the van and great skills, the locksmith can fix any problem then and there. On top of that, they check that the emergency panic door is locked from outside and the push bar is pushed easily to open the door. They ensure everything works fine so that visitors of all ages and of any health condition would be able to evacuate the building in the case of an emergency.

Make sure a new panic bar is installed correctly by turning to us

Don’t take chances with the commercial door panic bar installation. If you want a push bar installed or the old one replaced, turn to us to be sure the job is done without delay and with the utmost precision. Whether you need a new panic bar installed or the existing one fixed, you get impeccable service. We always meet the building codes and all standards and quickly send a locksmith to offer the necessary Cumberland push bar door repair service. Tell us the problem today.

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